There's a misconception about Lewiston that often comes with being an old mill town that there's not a lot of wooded area where things could be hiding. But as a concerned citizen named Steve Dayton shared on Facebook, that simply isn't the case. What he found in some wooded area of Lewiston is not only concerning, but downright shocking.

NOTE: Fast-Forward to about 4 minutes into the video to see the tire graveyard. 

Down an embankment near the Promenade Mall off of Lisbon Street is a graveyard of old tires. Those tires are clogging up a natural stream that eventually dumps into the Androscoggin River. As seen in the video from Dayton above, there appears to be hundreds of tires in the area, and considering how many of them appear to be embedded into the ground, the dumping of old tires in this area has gone on for quite some time.

The clogged stream continues to become more polluted because of the inability to naturally filter garbage and other pollutants out. The question on Dayton's mind (and likely yours too) is whom is the cause of this massive tire graveyard in the woods of Lewiston?

Probably for someone on the ground in Lewiston to figure out. This could be a recent issue or one that has existed in near secrecy for decades. Regardless, the city will need to look into the cause and how to clean it up before it gets any worse.

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