Thank god for people mining gold on YouTube. That's how this lost and now just discovered video of Dave Chappelle (allegedly) singing Radiohead's smash hit "Creep" surfaced. If you believe that it really is Dave Chappelle, then there's lots of questions that need to be answered.

First off, who the hell is Dave Chappelle's personal trainer? Dude used to be skin and bones on top of more skin and bones and now he looks likes he's ready to go 5 round with Jon Jones inside a UFC cage. Secondly, Dave appears to be singing all the words to this Radiohead tune without a prompter, so when did Chappelle fall in love with dark Radiohead tracks?

The YouTube user who posted this video claims its from Erykah Badu's 45th birthday celebration back in February. To me, it's the one the oddest (and greatest) karaoke performances ever caught on someone's stupid camera phone. Enjoy.

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