In one of the more bizarre videos from Maine to pop up in awhile, a couple was dining at Denny's in Bangor when they noticed something strange across the street from them. A man who seemed to be intentionally light his hair on fire while sitting roadside. That's when Ryan Parkhurst decided everyone needed to witness the same thing he was seeing, and shared the video on Facebook.

So, the first question is...why? And we'll probably never know. We could all speculate on whether this individual was under the influence, practicing his new roadside act or just wondered what it'd be like to be in Home Alone and play Joe Pesci's character.

We don't have the answers, but we do wonder, is this guy ok? Anytime one of these videos pop up, there's never an ending. We don't get the rest of the story that reads "Roadside Mike lost a little hair that day, but now understands the power of fire." We certainly hope this fella found some help if he needed it, or else perfected whatever act he was working on. When they said it was going to be a hot one this week, we're not sure that's what they meant!

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