For a moment during the Bangor/Edward Little high school football game last Friday night, some fans, players, coaches and even broadcasters were left shaking their head as a young female ran onto the field dressed in a gorilla suit. Unfortunately for the girl in the gorilla suit, a live play was unfolding and that play ended with her getting crushed by one of the players.

According to the Bangor Daily News, a purported "fan" of Edward Little ran onto the field during an offensive play by the Bangor Rams. A pass play, the ball was in the air as the fan in the gorilla was approached by players attempting to make a catch/defensive play. In the process, the girl in the gorilla suit was hit, hard enough for the head of the gorilla suit to pop off. Thankfully nobody was injured in the bizarre incident.

As the clip above (courtesy of shows, confusion abounds after the play. And for announcer Matt Boutwell, it's clearly the first time that he's seen someone in a gorilla costume interfere with a live play during a high school football game. Perhaps the funniest part of the video is that the girl in the gorilla costume simply gets up after the play and returns to her seat in the bleachers.

However, she was eventually ejected from the game and Edward Little was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Was it a dare? You'd think wearing a gorilla costume to a high school football would have been enough...

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