The holiday weekend was filled with fireworks celebrations across the state. But for whomever is the owner of the white Chevrolet truck in this video posted on Facebook, this holiday will be remembered as less than celebratory.

NOTE: The video contains some foul language. Watch with volume down.

According to Arianna Nicole Bennett, who posted the video on Facebook, she witnessed the tow truck hook up the truck and drag it across a curb of a parking lot before the video began to roll. From there, as you can see from the footage, the tow truck begins to yank the truck seemingly sideways down the road as on-coming traffic is forced to slow down, back up and completely avoid the tow job.

Miss Bennett states that this happened during the fireworks celebration happening in Lewiston on the 4th. She also states that the company responsible for the tow job was Anytime Towing. It's a stunning video as on-lookers seemed puzzled as to why the white truck being towed is sideways while being moved.