Good thing owls don't get dizzy.

Bill Sherman caught this beautiful owl on top of his wind sculpture in Kittery and NewsCenter Maine shared it.

I wasn't sure what kind of owl is this, but Bird Feeder Hub had a great article about the 8 different owls commonly found in Maine. This appears to be a Barred Owl. I wonder if Bill Sherman who shot the video heard the phrase,

who cooks for you?

That's the call of a Barred Owl nearby. It's a low, deep call that sounds like they really want to know who is doing all the cooking in the house!

Photo by Philip Brown on Unsplash
Photo by Philip Brown on Unsplash

According to Bird Feeder Hub, Barred Owls are found year-round in Maine. They are pretty common. They may be pretty common, but do you often see one voluntarily going in circles? You get SUCH a great sense of just how far around their head spins! No sneaking up on this cute owl.

Why do people love owls so much?

My mom loved owls and I did too. But why do people love owls? Because they are a bird that has it all! Owls are beautiful, mysterious, intriguing, fierce, spooky, and cute. Thanks to Harry Potter's pet Snowy Owl Hedwig, kids are more into owls than ever before. But as beautiful as they are, they are just as fierce as predators. And now, there's one in Maine into thrill rides! So it's not just the squirrels in your backyard having all the fun!

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