Without the help of Beekeeping 24/7, these bees would have died.

Thank God for people who know and protect bees. That's where Amy Nickerson came and saved the day. Her nickname is Queen Bee. She didn't pick that name, but it has stuck. She is a teacher and co-owner of BEEKEEPING 24/7. It's a membership of beekeepers throughout Maine. It was started as a source for those that want to be beekeepers. The Queen Bee was needed on I-95 because of a swarm of lost bees. This is a 15-minute video, but it's absolutely fascinating how she was able to save all those valuable bees.

Why would a swarm of bees collect on a rest stop sign on a busy highway? Because bees are being moved from the blueberry barrens in Maine to other states like Florida and California for pollination.

These bees managed to escape and without their hives, they would have either starved or died from exposure due to all the rain. Amy Nickerson, who made the rescue of these wayward bees didn't even like bees. She says on the Beekeeping 24/7 website,

I’m not sure why I chose beekeeping as I was terrified of bees for most of my life! I clearly remember being overwhelmed my first few years of beekeeping.

Photo by Boba Jaglicic on Unsplash
Photo by Boba Jaglicic on Unsplash

Why care about bees?

According to Greater Good, there are three reasons why we all should care.

  1. Bees are responsible for pollinating 75% of the world's flowering plants and 35% of the world’s crops. Honey bees are the most common pollinator and most important bee to domestic agriculture; a single colony can pollinate 3 million flowers per day. The price tag for the bees’ work is estimated to be between 235 to 577 billion dollars a year!
  2. Bees are vital to our ecosystem. Research shows that over 100,000 species of plants would become extinct if the pollinating function of bees was to cease. This includes apples, melons, cranberries, pumpkins, squash, broccoli, and many more. Without bees, you can say goodbye to many of your favorite foods!
  3. Not only would our plates be bland, but losing bees would mean losing a vital element of traditional medicine-- honey! Honey can be used as a natural antibiotic and antimycotic along with treating burns, sore throats, wounds, etc. Without honey and all its benefits, our whole world will be significantly less sweet!

Save the bees! The least I could do is not mow my lawn in May. Thank you for everyone who helps save our bees!

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