A wild scene unfolded in Lewiston on Sunday evening as the driver of a car swerved to avoid an ambulance, lost control of the vehicle, and then drove directly into, and nearly through, Roopers convenience store on Sabattus Street. According to the Sun-Journal, there were amazingly no injuries to anyone inside the store and only one of the passengers in the vehicle had to be treated for minor injuries at the scene.


Marcus Holland happened to be in the area at the exact time this all went down and shared a video on Facebook that quickly went viral. The video shows the two passengers exiting the building rubble after the accident as well as a man, who was identified to be driving.

Inside the store, witnesses included Ben Lachance, who stated that after initially crashed through Roopers, the driver attempted to back the vehicle out of the store before realizing there was no possible way.

There was some structural damage to the Roopers building because of the accident and Lewiston city officials expect to conduct a thorough investigation of the building on Monday.

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