In case you thought the Wessie craze hadn't gone far enough yet, get a load of this. The City of Westbrook has spent more time in the national news over the past couple months all because of the possibility that there's a large snake roaming it's river coastline. Locally, it's driven residents from cities and towns across Maine to make Westbrook a destination for their amateur snake hunting skills. However, Wessie has never truly been seen...until now.

Veteran newscaster Shannon Moss was granted the first human-to-snake sit down interview in television history to ask the all-important question of, "why Westbrook?" Wessie doesn't hold back with it's candid answers although some will question why Wessie appears in the interview to be a member of the witness protection program.

The video is harmless fun and a terrific attempt to promote local businesses in Westbrook. And, it also ends up serving a second purpose, growing the legend of Wessie even turther. Who needs Bigfoot when you have a giant snake living on a riverbed? Maybe. Probably. Then again, we don't really know.

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