The jokes are endless... "If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot 'em..." You've heard them all. Chances are, you've also heard some pretty ridiculous questions coming from people "from away," and you've probably rolled your eyes when you see them pulled over on the highway.

That being said, tourism as an industry here in Maine is our lifeline, and we wouldn't know what to do without that constant flow of cash from big-city dwellin' flatlanders who come up to fall in our tourist traps and pay $35.99 for a lobstah.

Now that we're getting closer and closer to Tourist Season here in Vacationland, here are 10 mistakes that people from away seem to make when they visit the Pine Tree State. You know most of these are true, because we've all witnessed most of them!

#10 - They ask when LL Bean closes!

Maine Memes

It doesn't close, guy. That's why it's famous.

#9 - They go 1MPH over the limit with Mass plates.

Maine Memes

Our Maine State Police troopah brigade is always suped-up for tourist season!

#8 - They wonder why live lobsters don't look right in the store.

Maine Memes

Live lobsters aren't red. That's right... the lobster on the Maine license plate is a dead, boiled lobster on a rock. #MaineFacts

#7 - They come to Maine in the middle of the wintah with a little 2 cylinder front-wheel-drive sedan and think that'll be good enough.

Maine Memes

It just never is.

#6 - They think you need a sack to get to Funtown!

Maine Memes

Sack? Not so much. Sock? Sure, that'll get you there.

#5 - They want to know how to get to "Banger."

Maine Memes

I can tell you how to get to BangOR, but if you want to get to Banger, you might need to at least buy 'er dinner first.

#4 - They think that just elongating certain sounds makes you sound like you're from here.

Maine Memes

Us locals, however, know that there are very specific differences between properly enunciated words like "auyh" "aya." Totally different!

#3 - They see the "Moose Crossing" signs and ask questions like this:

Maine Memes

And then they follow it up with a question like this:

Not even sure how to respond to these.

#2 - They actually ask us (the locals) for directions!

Maine Memes
Maine Memes

Not really a great idea!

And the #1 mistake tourists can make when they come to Maine...

Sometimes, they don't come back. Maine's the best place on the planet. We even have a solid chocolate moose to prove it!

This humorous distraction brought to you by Maine Memes! Now get back to work!