As we've reported on before, Bill Belichick is the master of the cutoff sleeve. If there was a cutoff fashion show, he would be the one judging from the front row, sipping on some Dunkin and needlessly sporting his headset. He may have hit a new level now though, given that it's summer, and the heat has finally returned to our humble corner of the country.


In outfits past, Belichick has been turning sweatshirts into t-shirts, but has finally taken the next step: turning t-shirts into sleeveless disasterpieces. According to WCSH-6, who shared this tweet earlier, states that this picture was taken in Nantucket, where Belichick is most likely taking some much needed R and R.  I'm no style guru, but double cutoffs is worthy of some sort of medal.

Let's be real, though - this is only going to make Pats fans love him more. He would look cool in a cutoff with the Kardashians on it, for pete's sake. Lucky guy - when I wear mine to work, all I get is raised eyebrows. Maybe it's time to do some laundry...


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