For the last couple months or so, people have been taking to social media asking the same question, "what do these Hell signs (with an arrow pointing to the ground) around Maine mean?". They've been seen stapled to telephone poles in very visible places, including Route 1 near Saco/OOB, Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth and even smaller towns like Gorham and Standish.

Facebook via Brianna Bailey
Facebook via Brianna Bailey

The truth is, we don't know what the reasoning is. According to this Reddit thread posted about a month ago, these "Hell" signs have been a thing in Maine for quite some time. The consensus answer seems to be that someone (person or people have not been identified) are on a mission to remind people that hell still exists and they should be careful about their actions while here on Earth.

We're sorry if you were hoping that Hell might be a new underground hipster bar that served drinks only in red cauldrons. Or that Hell was a new dog-friendly underground path with a system of trails that led to a sparkling, breathtaking waterfall where unicorns actually exist. They do not.

For now, we'll go on what we know. These "Hell" signs keep popping up places across Maine and then keep being taken down before someone starts digging a hole. Our final answer is: Maine does not equal Hell. Sorry.

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