Blame it on the brain freeze, but wasn't the BRGR bar location in Portland supposed to open months ago?

Portland is a funny city. Vibrant new places are constantly opening, catching the attention of the public and your friendly neighborhood bloggers as well. But sometimes, after talking about how excited we are for something, we tend to forget....did we ever get to try that? That brings us to this interesting question, where is that adult milkshake place we were promised?

In case you've forgotten, the Margaritas location on Brown Street in downtown Portland shuttered its doors in the spring of 2016. News broke in late-May that the popular burger joint in Portsmouth, BRGR had thoughts of expansion and planned to bring their mouth watering burgers and unique adult milkshakes to a city that was prepared to devour them. And then...well...nothing.

If you're preparing for the worst, like hearing that dream is dead, then you'd be wrong. At BRGR's website, they still have their 11 Brown St. location listed as COMING SOON and have continued to respond to people on their Facebook page who have asked. Their latest  response came on December 21st. So it appears that there are still adult milkshakes in our future.

Well, NEAR future if you believe the Facebook responses. Lets hope so, even when its below zero, there's never a bad time for a vodka milkshake.

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