Halloween is a time for a lot of joyous activities - my favorite of which happens to be scaring the bejeezus out of unsuspecting passers by with a good costume, but for a great many of you, it's probably the guilt free consumption of candy. Heck, we don't even have to do the work - those of us with children can (and probably will) nab a few pieces off the tops of their piles, and the rest of us have ADULT Halloween (by which I mean Nov 1st, where all the candy is discounted. You can thank me later.)

WCSH-6 recently asked a question that got us thinking, though - what's the most popular candy in the state of Maine? With all of the sales happening right now in preparation for all hallow's eve, it seems a fitting time for some investigative journalism.

According to Channel 6 via CandyStore.com, the most popular halloween candy in Maine is... Sour Patch Kids?

I know, right? I wasn't expecting that personally, but I guess I'm just not in the loop. As stated in WCSH's report, Sour Patch Kids have sold close to 60,000 pounds of product in Maine over the last 10 years. Candystore.com even says "Is Maine hiding their true identity from us?" Well, given that it's Halloween season, that's a definite possibility.

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