Another round of stimulus checks will be headed into the accounts of eligible Mainers after the latest COVID-19 relief bill was officially passed by Congress. The bill will reach President Joe Biden's desk on Friday, where he will officially sign off on it. That means a large number of Maine people will be receiving $1,400 dollar checks. The question is, when will they arrive?

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According to News Center Maine, those checks (or direct deposits) could begin arriving as soon as next week. Because the country is in the height of "tax season", the IRS may be slow to the draw on this round of stimulus benefits. That could lead to delays even for those who use direct deposit, meaning you may not actually see that $1,400 dollar boost until the end of March or even early-April.

It's estimated that roughly 90% of Mainers will be eligible to receive a stimulus check under the guidelines for this round of relief. Any single person who makes $80,000 or less or any family that makes a combined $150,000 or less will receive a stimulus payment. There are additional boosts as well if you have children.

This will almost certainly be the last stimulus check as part of any relief bill involving COVID-19. With vaccination rates climbing quickly and infection rates trickling down, the belief is this bill will be the last necessary jolt to the economy before states across the country begin to fully resume business as normal.

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