Well done to our Maine Mariners and their fantastic fans for another successful "Underwear Toss" from yesterday's game at the Cross Insurance Arena. The Mariners may not have won the game (losing in a shootout), but they won the day by helping out Mainers in need.

What Is The "Underwear Toss" Goal?

Tosses are incredibly popular in hockey arenas all over the world. You may have seen the most recent Teddy Bear toss that set a world record. Yesterday at the Mariners, fans were urged to buy a new package of underwear and bring it to the game. When the first goal by the Mariners was scored, everyone tossed their package of underwear down on the ice. Fun, right? And it was all for a great cause, as all the underwear was scooped up and donated to Preble Street.

Preble Street is a fantastic organization that helps our fellow Mainers who are experiencing problems with homelessness, housing, hunger, and poverty,

Here's the moment that hundreds of pairs of underwear went flying yesterday. Way to go Mariners!

Here's the world-record-breaking Teddy Bear Toss from Hershey earlier this year, Over 50,000 teddy bears were thrown...quite a sight!




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