If you're a fan of professional wrestling, you understand that when a non-televised show comes to town, you're generally not going to see anything memorable. Instead, it's going to be a chance to see your favorite stars at a slower pace with a little extra crowd interaction. But something memorable did happen at a WWE Holiday Tour show in Portland, Maine, on Sunday night, as a pair of stars paid tribute to 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' actor Jason David Frank.

Shared on YouTube by Matt Kempke, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, who comprise "The New Day", walked to the ring wearing their version of Power Rangers gear. Kofi Kingston adorned green Power Ranger gear, and Xavier Woods fashioned white Power Ranger gear. Both roles were played by actor Jason David Frank during the unforgettable initial run of the Power Rangers in America.

Xavier Woods is a self-described nerd, and runs a popular YouTube channel called UpUpDownDown that pays homage to a legendary Nintendo password. Woods and other members of The New Day have worn other ring gear dedicated to fictional characters, including some found in Mortal Kombat and Gears of War.

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According to TMZ, Jason David Frank was found dead on Sunday, November 20, in Texas. His death was ruled a suicide. JDF's popularity from his 'Power Rangers' roles were unexpected. Initially cast as the villainous Green Ranger, fans clamored for more JDF after the first season wrapped. He was brought back at the White Ranger and leader of the superhero group, and the rest was history.

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