This epic showdown between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 reminds us that whoever loses, gravity still reigns supreme.

WIRED has recently posted a video starring Erik Beck and Justin Johnson from The Indie Machines where the two try to push the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to the limit so they can see which is the stronger console. Beck and Johnson decided to see which current-gen machine could take the most damage while still being able to run properly. At first, the consoles were dropped from a height of 5 feet, as if they falling off of a shelf or entertainment center. The duo tried to boot up both consoles, which they were able to do (though the PS4 did so slowly). Johnson and Beck then dropped both consoles from 15 feet in the air. Surprisingly, the winner turned out to be... the Xbox One!

After being dropped from 5 feet in the air, the PS4 had to restarted in safe mode while the Xbox One booted up instantaneously. When dropped from 15 feet high, the Xbox One still was able to turn on and play as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, the PS4's flimsier shell proved to be its downfall as it was smashed to pieces upon impact with the ground and could not turn on afterwards. The Xbox One's bulkier design proved to safeguard it as it remained intact from both falls.

Of course, Beck and Johnson decided to give the loser (the PS4) a proper gift for taking second place: death by chainsaw.

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