Summer in Maine

Ah yes, it's the heart of summer in Maine. That means beautiful sunny weather, serene beaches, outdoor concerts, boat rides, road construction projects, and incredible ice cream at our fingertips.

Summer is certainly special here, even if it is just a short blip on the yearly calendar radar. We Mainers are lucky to have so many beautiful and delicious treats to experience (well, everything but the road construction projects).

Maine Ice Cream Shops

One of those wonderful things about Maine was recently written about by Yankee Magazine. The local periodical put together a list of the 36 best ice cream shops in New England. Seven of the 36 listed can be found right here in Maine.

The seven include Bresca & The Honey Bee, Fielder's Choice, Gorgeous Gelato, Mount Desert Island Ice Cream, Rococo, Sweetcream Dairy, and Toots. The seven shops are a great representation for the state. Creativity, diversity in styles, and out-of-this-world flavor can all be used to describe this special crop of cold cream connoisseurs.

Maine Ice Cream Shops Across the State

It's also wonderful to see a selection from across the state. These shops can be found from Southern Maine all the way to Downeast. Some can even be found outside the state, and even outside the country in one instance.

Should there be more than seven? Of course. I think every reader has one or two they would add. However, let's not take away from those seven that proudly represent our wonderful state.

Below is a closer look at those shops in Yankee Magazine's article.

Yankee Magazine's Top Maine Ice Cream Shops

Need a refreshing treat during these hot Summer days? Yankee Magazine has you covered. Here are seven outstanding ice cream shops that Mainers can enjoy.

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