There's plenty of uniquely Maine foods that people who are native to the state cherish and people who come to visit year after year crave. Whether it's Italian sandwiches, lobster rolls, whoopie pies or a healthy slice of blueberry pie, we've got some delicious food here in Vacationland. So it seems sort of strange that people will go out of their way for a pint of French Fries, right? If you're nodding yes, then you clearly haven't been to Pier French Fries in Old Orchard Beach.

It's really hard to explain what makes Pier Fries so damn good, but trust us, they are. Made with fresh potatoes on the spot and then perfectly fried, the fries end up with a perfect amount of crisp on the outside and that satisfying potato taste on the inside. In the height of summer, it's not uncommon to see 20 or 30 people in line to get their hands on a  pint or box of pier fries.

So how did they become so popular? Part of the reason is tradition. Pier French Fries opened in 1932 and despite two major events that caused the business to relocate, they're still standing strong today in downtown Old Orchard Beach. Generations of families have come back to enjoy the town and some of those classic fries.

So if you're making a stop in OOB this summer, you know what to do. You won't be disappointed.

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