The Portland Museum of Art attracts so much genius, you'd think all the world's best artists grew up here...well, the man who's solo exhibit is currently hanging at PMA does own a house on Mt. Desert Island.  Does that count?Richard Estes is a name spoken in full voice, often, because his work is so darn good.  "Look at that!"  "Wait, look at that!"  Estes' photorealistic works, to me, challenge your mind, with every corner of every painting.  It's a, your brain tells you, it's a, wait...I was wrong.

And the battle goes on throughout one's viewing of this masters' works: his cityscapes, and country visions, his ability to paint the light flickering in a puddle of water, or the reflection from a bank of shiny silver-colored phone booths. Or, the true delicacy of branches on a fallen tree in the Maine woods. (Try that, if you think it's easy).

If you're a painter or photographer, or, someone who just goes to museums because it's cool, you must see this exhibit--for an in-depth course in composition, precision and heart. If you're a patron of the PMA, call more of your friends to donate to the Museum. Having these works of Richard Estes, hung in so many nooks and crannies of the Museum's first floor, is reason enough to write another or larger check.

The exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art will be open until September 7th.  I would really enjoy hearing your comments on the exhibit.  Drop them on CYY's Facebook page: #EstesRocks



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