Date nights are few and far between for some of us, but other couples enjoy date nights regularly, not just on a first date. I admire those couples who schedule a date every Saturday night, or the second Friday of each month.

I am not much of a planner, so I often "wing it" for a dinner suggestion with my husband, and it's usually a disaster.

It's important to have quality time with your partner, but where are the best restaurants for a date when you actually make time for just the two of you?

I asked that question on a recent Facebook poll, and was surprised by some of the answers.

clem onojeghuo via
clem onojeghuo via

Granite Staters definitely like the more relaxed places, but the food has to be good.  Duh!

You might think seafood restaurants were high on the list, but while we love our seafood, especially our delicious New England lobster rolls, most of the places on the list are good old "one size fits all" kind of restaurants.  Fancy, specialty dining venues are not necessarily the best kind of places to have a relaxing date night.

bailey hall via
bailey hall via

Let's face it.  In the 603, we love our leisure time, and dining establishments are part of the relaxation and live free attitude we strive for.

The number one restaurant mentioned in the crowdsourced post was a restaurant I had heard about for years, but never noshed in.  Given the number of positive posts about this eatery, it's on my list, and should probably be on yours as well.

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