If you grew up in New Hampshire or have lived here for an extended period of time, these words/phrases have become part of your daily lexicon. But if you use them in a sentence to a tourist or while visiting another state, you will see a look of bewilderment take over their face. And it's pretty darn funny, if I do say so myself!

Over the years, we have acquired many words and phrases that are native to our corner of New England. It's almost like we are a secret society with our very own language. It bonds Granite Staters together, and serves as a friendly reminder to tourists that they can visit our beautiful state all they want, but they will never be ONE OF US. We're not cliquey, we're just proud.

Check out our list of phrases, and let us know if we missed any in the comments:

15 New Hampshire Phrases Out of Towners Don't Understand

In New Hampshire we have some words and phrases that have made many a tourist raise their eyebrows. It's just a little reminder that they are more than welcome to visit our beautiful state but they will never be ONE OF US. muahahaha

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