If you're a New Hampshire dog owner, you've probably had to think about getting your pet taken to a groomer.

I let my dogs sleep on my bed with me every night, and let me tell you, it is clearly shedding season. My dogs are in desperate need of a bath and de-shedding.

I'll try to get my dogs groomed at least once a month if I can find the time to book an appointment. But sometimes, it's not easy to find a reliable groomer.

Well, I did some extensive research and found a number of self-serve and professional dog grooming businesses in the New Hampshire area. Each grooming business offers a wide variety of services including gland expression, nail trimming, facials, and even dog cologne!

When I read that some places spritz your pet with dog cologne, I was SHOOK. Have you ever heard of dog cologne?

I have a 115-pound Chocolate Lab, Bruce, and a 50-pound English Bulldog, Mabel, and they are extremely co-dependent. That makes it difficult for me to find businesses that can groom both of my dogs at the same time.

But I am so happy that I have found some reliable options near me in New Hampshire.

If you have ever been to these 15 dog grooming businesses in New Hampshire, let me know. And maybe when they're done, you can show off how good they look, whether you're hitting up Franconia Notch State Park or the Longhill Dog Park in Dover.

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