Year-round, Maine boasts scenic views from York to Presque Isle. The entire state offers places to admire whether it’s hidden in the western mountains or sitting right on the harbor.

Our state is known for its culinary scene for more than just our cuisine. Restaurants create top-rated spots with a combination of locally-sourced ingredients and spectacular views.

There are few things I love more than a good meal with good drinks and good company and Maine takes it to the next level with unbelievable landscapes for an unbeatable dining experience and environment.

To make it easy for you to see what I’m talking about and so you can soak in all our state has to offer, here are 15 scenic restaurants with the best views in Maine:

15 Scenic Restaurants With the Best Views in Maine

10 of the Best Waterfront Restaurants in Maine You Need to Experience

We asked our listeners what their favorite waterfront restaurants in Maine are and boy did they deliver! Did your favorite make the list? Keep your eyes out for part 2!

25 Small Restaurants in Maine Worth the Drive

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