Here's a question, what were you doing when you were in 5th grade? Were you fighting other students in your class? Were you dropping cuss words at teachers and aides? We're going to guess that's there is a fair amount of people that might admit to those behaviors. But in Westbrook, specifically 5th grade, things have gotten so bad that school officials decided to take drastic action.

According to, basketball games were the main culprit of the problem during 5th grade outdoor recess. Those games became too competitive, leading students to use profanity against other students as well as some of those games turning physical. Teachers and aides punished individual students for bad behavior but unfortunately, that didn't quell the problem.

So Westbrook Middle School was forced to take more significant action. They decided to take all 5th graders and move them inside for recess in hopes that taking away access to their outdoor time would make them realize how important it is to them. Teachers and aides are working closely with the 5th grade students to create better bonds amongst each other in hopes that when outdoor recess resumes, there will be far less problems.

There are close to 200 students in 5th grade at Westbrook Middle School. The principal has promised that there will be additional staff monitoring outdoor recess when it resumes after April vacation.


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