An impressive structure to behold, there's a chalet still standing in the woods of Western Maine that once belonged to a suspected World War II German spy. 

In the woods off of Kezar Lake, there has been an abandoned house that has been a source of curiosity for decades. Some stories suggest that the chalet belonged to the nearby Evergreen Ski Resort that was also abandoned. Other stories suggested that the chalet belonged to a former German spy that spent the remainder of his life hiding in the woods of Maine? So what is the truth?

As you can see for yourself in the video posted below courtesy of MotoOutdoors YouTube channel, both stories may just be complete fiction. The man who built, and lived, in the chalet located in Stoneham, Maine was in fact of German descent, but there has never been any proof that he was a spy.


Do not enter this property. This home is restricted, and anyone found entering these premises without permission will be prosecuted.


His name was Roy Wilhelm and according to the Lovell Historical Society, he was nothing more than a goat farmer and coffee importer. He was originally from New York City, but when he moved to Maine, he chose the Evergreen Valley for his home because of it's quiet serenity, never believing that he would once become the center of an FBI investigation.

But he was, as people in the Evergreen Valley found it strange that Wilhelm would flicker his flashlight at night in the direction of Portland Harbor. Some locals believed that Wilhelm was using a crude version of morse code with children in the area, others suspected he may be a German spy. The FBI investigated, and found no ties whatsoever.

Wilhelm died in 1951 but his impressive chalet, featuring 5 bedrooms each with their own sink, a fireplace surrounded by quartz stones and other ahead-of-its-time features still stands. Hikers that have passed through the area have stumbled upon it for decades.

So who owns it? A developer in the area does and is hopeful that someone will buy the home and restore it to its natural beauty.

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