I honestly can't tell if I'm excited for this or not. And it's pretty obvious that skiers and boarders who look forward to the winter months for fresh powder every season won't be a big fan, but considering we're all over-the-moon about how the first half of November has basically been in the 70s, I don't see a bad part of this.

Maine Meteorologist Charlie Lopresti, who handles weather for WGME CBS 13, is forecasting that we could be in for a winter warmer than normal. (For the record, just to avoid confusion since I just confused myself, I'm not talking about Harpoon Winter Warmer, I mean warmer-than-normal temps during the winter season. Although, I kind of want to down some Winter Warmers from Harpoon, now that I think about it.)

According to his report, Charlie can predict some weather patterns for us here in New England based on what's happening 3,000 miles across the country in the Pacific. He said he's observing cooler than normal water temps in the Central Pacific area, but in the Northern Pacific and north of Hawaii, there are warmer than normal water temps.

So, he compared those variables to winters' past, and in about 10 of those winters with similar situations, it ended up being warmer than normal (the most recent was the winter of 2017-2018, so not too far back in history.)

Those water temperatures seem to have an affect on how the jet stream is positioned across the country, too -- everything north of the jet stream tends to be colder than an eskimo making a snow angel with no clothes on (I mean, I tried to think of something super cold?) and anything below the jet stream is like Jimmy Buffett singing Margaritaville while you're on a beach drinking said margaritas (umbrella included).

In all seriousness, let's be real -- no one has any idea how this winter will probably go. The Farmer's Almanac is predicting we're going to get leveled with snow, like LEVELED, but Charlie's predictions call for about a normal or maybe slightly above normal amount.

So, basically, we'll find out what happens as we go -- but I wouldn't hate snow only on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I missed it while I was out in Tulsa, but I have a feeling after we get hit with our first big snowfall of the year and I have to drive through it, I'll call myself an idiot.

Are you excited that it may be warmer than normal this winter? Comment below!

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