Most people can vividly remember their high school days. At every school in Maine, there's always a few students who perpetually miss class or purposely just skip school. But according to WGME, a new bill is headed to legislature here in Maine that would increase penalties for students AND their parents for kids who are repeat offenders in truancy.

The new bill would require attendance at school for children between the ages of 6 and 18 years old. The bill would change the number of absences at school before a student officially becomes "truant." After that, additional absences from school could result in some significant penalties and fines for both parents and kids.

The bill puts into place fines for parents who have kids that repeatedly skip school without a suitable reason. Skipping school could also cost teenagers, specifically high schoolers. The new bill could fine students similarly to parents, but if they are habitual offenders, it could revoke their driver's licenses. The idea behind the new bill and the harsher penalties would be to deter students from truancy as well as inspire parents to pay closer attention.

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