You've probably heard the phrase "adulting is hard", and for many millennials, it is. That's why there's a new school to help teach the new generation how to be a responsible adult. 

It probably seems ridiculous to some people, laughable to others from another generation. But for a large group of today's millennials, learning how to be a productive adult is becoming more and more difficult. Enter in a brand new startup in Portland with dreams to make it a lot easier.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the Adulting School has officially launched in Maine's biggest city. The program is designed to teach people real life skills that they simply may have missed in high school or college courses. The ability to hold topical conversations with other professionals, the understanding of finances and paying bills, the potential for marriage and simple things like doing laundry or changing a tire are discussed.

But if you thought "classes" were going to take place in some brightly lit room with a chalkboard, think again. Instead, the founders of the Adulting School have found more success in a casual learning atmosphere, like popular restaurants and watering holes in Portland, including their most recent event at Sur Lie in the Old Port.

In the future, the founders plan to charge a membership-based fee to coincide with their teachings, but for now are helping some of the younger and more inexperienced generation for free. They plan to hold a day-long event at One Longfellow Square on November 13th.



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