Let's face it, we all use Google or another search engine like our parents and grandparents used the encyclopedia. You think of something, you want immediate answers and boom, Google is there to scratch that itch. But occasionally, even Google doesn't really know what you're asking or looking for. And sometimes those results can be pretty wild.

Shared on Reddit by kingofawesome13, there are two things to take away from this simple screenshot. One, Google doesn't recognize Mainers as an actual word or THING, so be advised. Secondly, apparently there are a TON of murders in Florida if that is the first thing Google transitioned into. Typically, when Google can't figure out what you're asking about, they'll move to something similar that other people have often typed in. Yikes.

So are there a lot of Mainers in Florida? Probably. Lots of people can only handle brutal winters for so long. Maybe it's time to petition Google to recognize Mainers as an actual word. Please.

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