I was lucky enough to stumble across a real estate gem in Monmouth, Maine! The best part about this house is that it's under 200k! The current market isn't offering "affordable" houses right now.

The house is listed by Rachel Davis by, 


I believe this property has so much potential and will be grabbed up soon! So take a look if you're in the market!

The house is going for $199,500. It's located at 47 S Shore Drive. It's a 1 bedroom, 1 bath on a 5.05 acre lot! That's right, over 5 acres all for you!



This home is a buyers dream, because the potential it has to be updated and renovated is endless! If you're the adventurous type, this home will allow you to live off the land!

According to realtor.com, this 2 story house is custom built, open-concept, with an Italian stairway that brings you upstairs to the loft.

You can do whatever you want on this property because their is so much of it! You could be a farmer, cult leader or raise your own mini-horses. Imagine that! You could construct your own village on this sprawling property.

I love the fact that in this current market, they've seem to price the house at an honest price for what they're offering. Who's heard of 5 acres for less then 200k? Not me. Additionally, the property is so close to Cobbosseeconte Lake and is the heart of Monmouth. You're less than a half an hour from the city of Augusta and an hour from Portland.

So grab you're wallet and hammer because this house is sure to go very fast.

Below are the photos of the house and property!

Surprisingly Affordable Monmouth Home For Sale on 5 Plus Acres of Land

Check out this real estate gem! It's a two-story, house on 5 acres in Monmouth for under 200k!

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