Who doesn't love peeking inside million-dollar homes?

Even if you're like this writer and are nowhere close to having the dough for it, it's always fascinating to see how the other half lives. Whether it's the fancy interior, best of the best appliances, or extra amenities which reduce the reasons you'd ever have to leave (we're talking bowling alleys, arcades, theaters, spas, and more), it's always interesting to see how grand these homes are. For some homes, their appeal not only lies in their amenities, but overall elegance. Enter this $14.9M New England waterfront home that's the epitome of luxury.

Listed by Kelly Feda with Coldwell Banker Realty, this single-family, 16.7k-square-foot home is located at 12 Oneida Drive in Greenwich, Connecticut, and consists of six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and three half-baths. Amongst other conveniences, the custom-built waterfront house features a wine cellar and "remarkable 30-car temperature-controlled garage with state-of-the-art dust-free system, perfect for showcasing your impressive car collection." If you don't happen to own 30 cars, you could always use this space for entertaining, setting up your own personal gym, or perhaps adding pool or ping-pong tables. There's no doubt that the custom millwork and craftsmanship are fully on display throughout the home, thanks to the abundance of natural lighting pouring into the space.

Don't believe us? Have a look for yourself...

This $14.9M New England Waterfront Home is the Epitome of Luxury

Pretty cool, right?

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