For 47 years, Rolandeau's Restaurant in Auburn has been part of the dining out experience in the twin cities. Generations of people have enjoyed the cuisine at the local restaurant, but according to the Sun-Journal, that is all coming to end very shortly. Roland Nadeau, the man behind Rolandeau's for its entire existence, is ready to retire.

Nadeau opened Rolandeau's back in 1971, when he was only 23 years old. For nearly 5 decades, he's been behind the scenes at the restaurant, prepping and cooking everything that guests have enjoyed on the menu. What's even more amazing is that Nadeau never received any formal culinary training, instead he self-taught himself recipes from Julia Child and others. Somehow, that has worked for almost a half-century.

There won't be another restaurant taking the place of Rolandeau's on Washington Avenue. Instead, a church has agreed to purchase the property. For some, the ending will be bittersweet. Rolandeau's has been the home of birthday parties, engagements, and anniversaries for many residents in the area throughout their lifetime.

Nadeau plans on closing Rolandeau's for good on May 12th. The May 11th dinner service is by reservation-only, and the seats are filling up fast.

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