We're really lucky here in Maine - not only are we the best place to be for outdoor adventure in New England, but we also happen to be home to a budding craft beer scene that continues to receive praise from around the country. Isn't it about time that they met in some fashion?

No, not as in drinking and mountain biking - trust us, your bones, your wallet and the law will thank you for foregoing that. We mean like this:

Our friends at The Maine Outdoor Film Festival are bringing 90 minutes of awesome adventure content to Baxter Brewery in Lewiston on Saturday, 9/23. From the looks of the video, it's going to be pretty awesome! $10 gets you in, and gets you a beer from the folks at Baxter. All proceeds from the event go to benefit Teens to Trails, an organization dedicated to helping teens experience the outdoors.

For more info, check out the event on Facebook right here.

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