We love our daily dose of cute animals here on WCYY. Be it an affectionate panda, or penguin staring contests, we'll happily click on any YouTube video for a quick laugh, and this one was no exception. NOTE: This DOES have a HAPPY ending!

Originally shared by the Bangor Daily News, this video shows four baby squirrels inexplicably tangled by their tails. The video was captured by Andrew Day of Bangor, who posted the footage to his YouTube channel A Day after scooping the squirrels into a cardboard box and taking them home to untangle them and set them free. Watch the video below:

According to the BDN, Mr. Day stated that there were a number of twigs caught up in the conjoined tails, and that he had to trim away a hefty amount of fur from them to get the squirrels out of the bind without hurting them. We're glad he stepped up to the plate!

Seeing as this being some sort of plot for attention by the squirrels is off the table, how on Earth could they have wound up like this? We're flummoxed. Do you have any ideas as to how or why they did this? Let us know in the comments!

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