Citrus Portland

Citrus fruits are known for being bright, fun, sweet, and zesty and that's exactly what Citrus Portland is.

If you've been noticing a bunch of recent construction at One City Center, you'll now notice a new stunning seating area that's part of Citrus Portland, one of the latest additions to downtown Portland.


With a name like Citrus, you know the drinks have to be good, right? This is your go-to spot if you want some fruity deliciousness. They feature everyone's favorite frozen drinks like strawberry daiquiries or margaritas, as well as other specialties, such as Orange Everything which, as the name suggests, is orange everything! It features orange-infused vodka, oranges, Combier, and an orange sugar rim. Be sure to also try the Raspberry Caipirinha; Cachaca, Maine raspberries, lime, and a dash of sunshine!

They also feature a lovely selection of wine and beer. See all the offerings here as well as what they have to snack on.

Oh, and everyone gets treated to a FREE mini vanilla ice cream sandwich! YUM!


You're sure to always find some fun at Citrus. They offer weekly can't miss events.

Thursday through Saturday, Citris will have rotating DJs specializing everything from trance, tech-house-and electronica to disco, Top 40, and more.

Every Sunday there are Tea Dances celebrating the LGBTQ community with a DJ, and local Drag Queens!

Find your next can't miss event here.

Plan Your Visit

Citrus is located on the first level of One City Center in Portland and is open Thursday through Saturday from 7 pm to 1 am and Sunday from 2 pm to 8 pm.

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