There's something you don't see every day...


And yet, no word on why. Tuesday afternoon several people reported seeing a plane escorted by four fighter jets. The plane was seen in Biddeford, Saco and Scarborough. But there has been no official report.

Mark Greenlaw posted video and a picture he caught when the escorted plane passed over Biddeford.

It's super disturbing to see this. It could have been as innocent as assistance for refueling - but it's unsettling to say the least. Usually when fighter jets escort a plane, it's because of some sort of danger. Either the plane is in trouble, or has been hijacked or there's been a disturbance.

There have been reports of escorted planes because of disturbances. One Delta flight back in 2016, had to be escorted in an emergency landing in Arizona because a guy standing by the cockpit door would not sit down when asked.

There have been no official public reports (yet) of this incident on Tuesday in Southern Maine. Super weird.