A married couple in the Lewiston Auburn area just wants to have a little fun with Christmas. Are you game?


Nicolle and her wife three years ago started the Lewiston Auburn Secret Santa Facebook Group to well, lighten the mood around the holidays. They are accepting new members daily. They made the group because Christmas is a hard holiday for a lot of people, and they just wanted to try and make it a nice holiday. They want everyone to be thought of. They aren't millionaires, but surprising someone at Christmas doesn't require a ton of money.

Secret Santa L/A


They place 2 gifts a day from December 1st to December 24th. One in Lewiston and one in Auburn with a cap of $5.00.  What fun! Once you find the gift they just ask that you take a picture and post in the group that it was found so others don’t keep searching.

Secret Santa L/A


They try to make it fair so that the same people don't always find the goodies around town. The group is super respectful and they have a ton of fun spreading some cheer. They really get into this and shop all year round finding bargains where you think they may have spent more than 5 dollars.

Secret Santa L/A

So look for the picture and clue and maybe find a treasure buried in Lewiston or Auburn starting next week! They give out warnings too so you know to be on the lookout. Sometimes they play Bingo or a scavenger hunt - don't worry, they'll let ya know! But they can't let ya know if you don't join the L/A Secret Santa 2021! Who knows, you may be out wandering around and find a sweet little package to make your holidays just a little better.



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