Washington Baths is pretty popular.

They are located at 145 Washington Avenue in Portland. Here's what they say on their website.

Washington Baths is a public sauna in Portland, Maine. No reservations. All genders welcome. Bathing suits required in common areas. Recommended to bring your own towel and sandals. No outside food or drink. Snacks and beverages available at our cafe.


There's a Press Herald story about the place when it was under construction in the winter of 2020. It has been open for just about two years now. There aren't a lot of pictures and not a lot about them on social media. But recently on a Portland Facebook Group, someone asked what it's like.

The responses were all positive. Comments of cleanliness were widespread with one goer giving it the ultimate 5 stars.

There was only one complaint, and it was from a couple of people - but they also said that they may dislike it, but they understand it. The saunas are gendered. That means if you go to the sauna with the opposite sex, you are separated. Again, this was both understood and disliked by a couple of people who have gone.

There is another sauna in Portland, but it moves around. What? Yes. Little Red Sauna is a horse trailer that's been converted into a mobile wood-fired sauna that moves around. They do events and pop-ups too!

You don't have to be a member to go to Washington Baths, just pay for the time and what you want. Would you go?

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