We are halfway through the Friends and Family Edition of Markathon and things are cranking! This year is a bit different with our Markathon hero Mark Curdo out of action for health reasons. So we are relying on our Friends and Family to help us through. At CYY, our "family" includes fabulous DJ's from our sister stations who are taking a shift and helping out.



AJ and Nikki from the WHOM Morning show took some time out of playing their all- Christmas Music station to crank up some vintage Nirvana. Don't be fooled, these two can ROCK! Nikki had so much fun she will back for more later in the week. Thank you WHOM!


The legendary "Party Guru" Brian James from the legendary WBLM joined Markathon and got his Classic Rock on for us with the Grateful Dead. Way to go GU!


The award-winning WJBQ morning show completely took things over on Wednesday. Lori Voornas and Kylie Queen made their CYY debut and crushed it with the B-52's and Duran Duran. Thanks to the mighty Q for being part of it!

Herb Ivy
Herb Ivy

Keep listening for more members of our Townsquare radio family joining us on Markathon this week. Ryan Gavin from the Q and the Captain and Celeste from WBLM will be on. Plus keep listening for CYY alums, Shawn "The Facemelter" Jeffrey and Robin who will be coming BACK on CYY. This is what friends and family is all about!

Have YOU made your request yet? Let's Goooooooooooooooooooooo!


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