Maine's largest Hannaford Supermarket is on Forest Avenue in Portland near Back Cove. It likely has one of the largest parking lots as well and when you have a lot of cars that means you have a lot of drivers and some of them aren't paying attention.

The parking lot at Hannaford is laid out like a typical large store lot. A main throughway with several lanes of parking spots that come off it. Each of those lanes have a stop sign at the end of them giving drivers on the road in and out of the lot the right of way.



In theory it should work fine, but there's one stop sign people tend to ignore because they are so close to the exit onto Preble Street.

See? There's the stop sign...


But there's no stop sign for traffic coming from the left.


I can't count the number of times of almost been t-boned trying to drive out with my groceries.

Please. I beg you. If you are driving in this parking lot, pay attention to the stop signs, because when you honk at me for "cutting you off" when I have the right of way, you just look like a fool.

Thank you. Enjoy your shopping. Give the Hannaford root beer in the glass bottles a try. It's delicious.