Reddit is an incredible and entertaining time waster but once in awhile I stumble on a real gem. Often times, it is on the New Hampshire subreddit thread.

Some dude who goes by electro_mechanicool on Reddit posted the photo below with the incredible advice: "When in NH, always remember to check your doorknobs for porcupines. Stay safe out there."

electro_mechanicool via Reddit
electro_mechanicool via Reddit

Look at that cute little pin cushion! His expression is priceless! I probably wouldn't think he was so cute if I tried to open that door and somehow didn't notice there was a porcupine on it.

The photo and advice was well received by the Reddit community. Here is what the people are saying:

"I’d call him a prick, but he’s just too cute"


"Well isn't he just stinking adorable! What's his name? My resident porcupine is Phil"


"That’s a very efficient security system!"

Upon some investigation I found out this run in with a porcupine happened in Hillsborough County.

This reminds me of the floofy little porcupine that was spotted in Amherst, New Hampshire, back in November. Is it wrong I want one as a pet?

Have you had any interesting run ins with wildlife lately?

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