Reddit is an incredible and entertaining time-waster, but once in a while, I stumble upon a real gem. Often times, it is on the New Hampshire subreddit thread.

Some dude who goes by electro_mechanicool posted the below photo with some incredible advice: "When in NH, always remember to check your doorknobs for porcupines. Stay safe out there."

electro_mechanicool via Reddit
electro_mechanicool via Reddit

Look at that cute little pincushion! His expression is priceless! I probably wouldn't think he was so cute if I tried to open that door and somehow didn't notice there was a porcupine on it. According to, porcupines are covered in approximately 30,000 quills, which stand up when they feel threatened or touched. The animals also have skunk-like qualities, because they release an odor to ward off predators. The site goes on to say that porcupine predators include wolverines, coyotes, martens, bears, cougars, eagles, owls, fishers, and of course, humans.

The photo and advice was well received by the Reddit community. Here's what the people are saying:

"I’d call him a prick, but he’s just too cute"


"Well isn't he just stinking adorable! What's his name? My resident porcupine is Phil"


"That’s a very efficient security system!"

Upon some investigation, I found out this run-in with a porcupine happened in Hillsborough County.

This reminds me of the floofy little porcupine that was spotted in Amherst, New Hampshire. Is it wrong that I want one as a pet?

Have you had any interesting run-ins with wildlife lately?

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