We get it, sometimes you just don't want to go to Hannaford and do your grocery shopping. You're just not in the mood, you forgot your shopping list at home, you're not even in the mood to cook. All of those are fair and valid reasons for parking poorly at your local grocery store or department store. But this parking job, this is a different animal.

Shared on Reddit by LinuxKnight, this amazing moment in history happened at a Hannaford store on Waldo Street in Rumford.

We're going to deem this the laziest parking job in the history of Maine. So many thoughts come to mind on this.

  • You didn't even try to get into one of those spots. Not even a borderline effort there. Like what's up?
  • You also didn't even try to pull up into the space. This appears to be a large truck, maybe inch up a bit to let cars move by behind you. Nahhhhhhh.
  • Like who gets out of their car, looks back at that parking job and thinks, "not a big deal"? Anyone?

Beyond those critical thinking questions, we'll just sit back and wonder, how many people did this parking job leave angry today? Probably lots.


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