As we reported on last week, now that the warm weather is upon us, it's time to see us some Maine wildlife!

The latest woodland creature to make it's way in front of a camera is the one Maine is most known for - the moose. According to the video posted by WCSH-6, this moose has a thing for golf. Check out the video below:

The clip, submitted to Channel 6 by Emily Poitras, shows the moose meandering around the Kezar Lake Country Club in Lovell over the weekend. According to WCSH, the moose wandered around the course for roughly 10 minutes, leaving some sizable divots in the green, and then made it's way back into the woods. No one was harmed, but it made the delay on the course THAT much longer.

It is nice to see animals taking an interest in sports again, though. It had been so long since Air Bud that I had almost lost hope. I tried to teach my cavapoo how to play basketball once. She might be adorable, but she's useless from behind the three point line.

Do you have any whacky animal sighting stores from this season yet? Share them with us in the comments!

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