While the temperatures are still warm outside, and the humidity is wearing us all down, Dunkin' Donuts wants to get you in the mood for those crisp Autumn nights but rolling out their fall flavors across New England earlier than ever before.

Getty Images
Getty Images

According to Boston.com, Dunkin' announced that their seasonal favorite Pumpkin coffee will be available at ALL Dunkin' Donuts locations no later than August 27th. We can confirm thanks to our love of Dunkin' here in at our Portland, Maine studios that at least two different locations here in the city are already serving it.

Dunkin' also has some other seasonal goodness coming your way for the Fall of 2018 including the return of a maple-inspired line of coffee and pastries and an apple crisp donut that sounds like it's going to be a hit.

So if you've tired of summer already, Dunkin' is in fall-mode right now.

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