Starting in May, Mainers have a new way to fly.

Breeze Airways this week announced that they are a new airline at the Portland International Jetport. They will have year-round nonstop flights from Portland to Charleston, South Carolina, and Tampa, Florida!

Breeze Airways/Facebook
Breeze Airways/Facebook

I know, I know, tell us how we can fly for only $59! WMTW reported the news of Breeze Airways coming. Along with the year-round flights to South Carolina and Florida, they will offer seasonal summer flights to Norfolk, Virginia, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Flights to Tampa will be on Wednesdays and Fridays starting May 17 and Charleston will be Mondays and Fridays starting a couple of days later, May 19. Norfolk and Pittsburg will also be on Mondays and Fridays but will start June 2. You must travel by September 5, 2023, for the special fares.

This airline is committed to making flying an 'accessible and genuinely nice experience for everyone.' On their website, they make it sound pretty awesome!

Breeze Airways™ - a new airline merging technology with kindness. Breeze provides nonstop service between underserved routes across the U.S. at affordable fares. With seamless booking, no change or cancellation fees and customized flight features delivered via a sleek and simple app, Breeze makes it easy to buy and easy to fly.

They have three levels of service: “Nice,” “Nicer” and “Nicest,” with roomier seats – and higher prices – for the top two levels. Bags, whether you check them or carry them on, are $20 each. The Portland Press Herald also reported that Frontier Airlines will be back with its seasonal flights to Orlando, Florida. Both of these will fill the void of Elite Airways that sort of just vanished. Either way, it's nice to have options.

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