Flight Deck Brewing recently opened their doors, with a truly unique tasting room and beers that pay homage to the history of the naval air station they call home. 

As the healthy brewery competition continues to get stiffer, it's important to make your mark on the Maine brewery scene if you're going to stand out. Hard to argue with the master plan of Flight Deck Brewing, located inside a former small arms range at the Brunswick Naval Air Station. Let's call it bulletproof drinking.

The pictures are all the proof you'll need to see a stunning transformation of a cement structure into a warm and welcome addition to the Maine beer scene. Indoor and outdoor space will abound year round, and the two gentleman behind Flight Deck, Jared Entwistle and Nate Wildes, have begun naming their beers with historic significance to the place they call home.

As with most fresh breweries, Flight Deck's operations are small for now. They'll have a continual rotating selection of beers with many different styles available. They're tasting room is spacious to accommodate guests, with the plan to have plenty of outdoor space for the warmer months with the potential of a rooftop deck in the future. Stay tuned for that.

Good luck to Maine's newest brewery! And save us a spot when the air show comes around, we'll need a couple beers!

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