The Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center

A saving grace and safe haven for New Mainers, the Immigrant Welcome Center serves as an incredible resource for those new to our state, country, and communities. As its website states, this is the non-profit’s mission:

“The Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center serves as a hub of collaboration that strengthens the immigrant community through language acquisition, economic integration, and civic engagement.”

And it holds this vision:

“Greater Portland’s thriving immigrant community fully reaches its civic, economic, and social potential.”

The non-profit assists with mastering the English language through courses in specific topics such as tech, business, food & drink, and other specialized areas; they teach and provide opportunities for civic engagement and citizenship assistance; and through their Immigrant Business Hub, they help new Mainers to navigate and understand our state’s business community and provide zero-interest loans and mentoring.

Soccer Saturday

This coming Saturday, May 28, the Center is hosting a Soccer Saturday for new Mainers in our community. From 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the soccer field at Kennedy Park, there will be soccer games, free soccer balls, books, healthy snacks, and more as a welcome to the community.

This is an effort to specifically help new kids who have come to Maine with their families and to assist underserved communities. This will also be a great way to spread the word about the Welcome Center and how to get involved so those in need can have the resources that can positively change their lives.

Spread the word!

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