It's so fun to learn about how our local community is growing and the food industry is especially exciting because now that the pandemic is semi-gone, we can actually go out and enjoy food again!

Are you ready for another new restaurant in Augusta? Something that will satisfy for taste buds and peak your interest? Here it is!

Are you a foodie or someone that is stoked about trying new dishes? Well, I am happy you're here because the Asian Noodle Bowl is having its grand opening. When? Monday, November 21st at 11:00am. Where? 1 Stephen King Drive in Augusta, Maine.

Asian Noodle Bowl has posted a few photos on their Facebook Page of the interior of their new spot and it is absolutely stunning. Their aesthetic is enticing and modern. It is a very comfortable vibe and I could picture heading there for lunch and enjoying some noodles chatting with a friend.

People love to just sit and relax at a restaurant, enjoy the surroundings and people-watch.

Asian Noodle Bowl via Facebook
Asian Noodle Bowl via Facebook

This is something that you can do at Asian Noodle Bowl. They will be posting their menu beforehand so you can plan exactly what you want before visiting.

If you have any questions or want to check out Asian Noodle Bowl, visit their Facebook Page here! 

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